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Livin’ the #Christina Lake Life 

Livin’ the #Christina Lake Life 

3D Floor at Christina Lake Welcome Center

Submitted by ~ Sadie Sweete (Christina Lake, B.C.)

When my husband and I were coasting through life in a metropolis we knew this was not where we wanted our son to grow up.We both grew up in a small town and loved it. My husband had relatives at Christina Lake and after a few visits we decided to settle here; we loved the lake and the wilderness of the area. It is not fully developed but still…

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Crows Nest Corridor Magazine - Life in Boundary Country

Highway 3 - Christina Lake, Grand Forks, Rock Creek - Explore the Boundary!

Crows Nest Corridor Magazine - Life in Boundary Country

Crows Nest Corridor Magazine – Life in Boundary Country

CNC Cover jpeg

“In 2003 I relocated to the Boundary Country from Northern British Columbia. The Crow’s Nest Corridor became a little piece of heaven and I’m proud to call it home.  The area is rife with history, secrets and a natural beauty that rivals the greatest B.C. Destinations; but it wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for the ‘Locals’. Their knowledge, lore, history, ideals and personal accounts…

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#ChristinaLakeBC - Trails Upgrades

#ChristinaLakeBC – Trails Upgrades


View of Christina Lake BC from one of our trails!

Any local person or seasoned visitor to Christina Lake B.C. Canada will tell you the same thing, “It’s not just a place, but a lifestyle on your door-step!” Whether your passion rests in Soft Sport Recreation or you take it to the extreme, this is the place to do it all – in, on and out of the water! You may have noticed a number of changes over…

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Bear UNAWARE in British Columbia

Bear UNAWARE in British Columbia

Here in the rugged pristine mountains of British Columbia walks the Black Bear and its bigger brother the Grizzly. In sharing this habitat with these magnificent creatures we must remember to be respectful of their presence as we are their guests in their native lands. Every year hundreds of black and grizzly bears are killed from habituation due to human negligence. Below my Co-worker Pierce…

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Columbia and Western Rail Trail in Christina Lake, BC

Columbia and Western Rail Trail in Christina Lake, BC

The Trans Canada Trail offers an abundance and variety of scenery to observe while in the Christina Lake area.  The part of the trail known to locals as the, Columbia and Western Rail Trail provides outdoor enthusiasts with views of ‘The Lake’; full views of the quaint town of Christina Lake and the vein of Hwy 3 that connects the area to the rest of the Kootenay Boundary and BC areas.  There are…

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Christina Lake, BC Trail System

Christina Lake, BC Trail System

DSC_0044-0012014-06-09 11.08.59


Santa Rosa Trail (Part of The Trans Canada Trail) Experience.

It’s Monday morning, the sun is shining and a light breeze blows gently over my face as I walk my way into the office.  The current weather  forecasted for the day is nothing less of sunshine at Christina Lake, but my moving weekend from Vancouver over the weekend didn’t go quite as planned, leaving me…

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Three Safe Places for Women to Travel Solo

Three Safe Places for Women to Travel Solo

“Exploring the world out of harm’s way”

While the privilege of exploring the world is usually a soul-enriching experience, travelers must never lose sight of the potential dangers that could be lurking in exotic locales. Indeed, anyone heading to a new city should maintain a sense of alert vigilance in the midst of taking in different sights, sounds, and tastes. The following cities aren’t just…

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